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A little company 2006

Site specific installation

Collaboration with the poet Alexandra Plastira


“A little company” is a site -specific installation at the former Palco factory (making T-shirts and underwear). It is a very big industrial complex that was unused since the late ‘80s and the building was going to be converted into residential lofts and open cultural spaces.

The room we worked was used to be the doctor’s office on the top floor of the building. Alexandra Plastira wrote a poem that the visitors could take out of the towel rack next to the sink, printed on a towel-paper and Maria Nymfiadi set up an installation with acrylic green net used to constructions sites, covering the 8 corners of the space in the floor and ceiling. Inside the room you could also listen to Alexandra’s Plastira voice, reading the poem over Bach’s music “St Matthew’s passion”.


Exhibition: Blind Date#12, 14-24 December 2006

Venue: Former factory of Palco, Athens, Greece

Curator: Adonis Volanakis


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