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Love[in]a different kefte 2009

Pastry, collaboration with the artist Lea Petrou


Love[in] a different kefte is a pastry created by the visual artists Maria Nymfiadi and Lea Petrou. The ingredients called for by the recipe consist of dried nuts and fruits each of which represents one of the 19 countries that border on the Mediterranean Sea.

The amount of each ingredient is determined by converting into grams the distance in kilometers between Athens and the capital of the country participating. Therefore, the further away each country, the greater is its contribution. Each ingredient is native to the national cuisine represented.

Thus the pastry becomes an amalgam of all Mediterranean cultures and cuisines in a single mouthful. Not only does it create 19 levels of cultural taste but also brings closer together the distances that separate them.


Love[in]a different kefte has been presented at:

17-18/12/2009 Furla shops in New York, Usa

4/07-25/10/2009 Café de l'île at Ile de Vassivière, France, Centre International d'Art et du Paysage, 

31/05-28/6/2008 Love[in] a different kefte was hosted at Cake pastry shops in Athens.

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22-24 February 2008 Love[in] a different kefte was initially presented at the Love Difference Pastries project, organized by the Love Difference, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, during a three day meeting at CAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Center in La Spezia, Italy.


Love Difference Pastries (LDP) is a network of 16 confectioneries. The aim of the project is to become a cultural passport that opens

doors to different Mediterranean cultures and then draws them closer together through the experience of taste.


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