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Orange 2007

Site specific installation


Motel Xenios Zeus in ancient Olympia is a hotel created by the architect Aris Constandinides lays now an abandoned and forgotten place in the main road leading to the village.

It was from the mid 60’s till the early 90’s one of the xenias hotel in Greece that were distinct for the modern architectural design as well as for the simplicity and comfort they offered.

Orange colour attracted me close to the motel, it is my favourite colour and the need became to leave the orange colour there. In the room I restored two of the shelves that were in the room and I presented a collection of clothes, toys, papers, photos and tools, all sorts of personal items and found materials in orange colour. During the setting of show I inhabited the room wearing clothes that became part of the exhibit and painted one wall in the bathroom.



Exhibition: To the MOTEL Life vessels, August 2007

Venue: Motel Xenios Zeus in Ancient Olympia, Greece

Curators: Panagiota Apostolopoulou and Alexandros Apostolides



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