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Silent fingers 2017

Creating an artwork in reference to some sort of jewellery was particularly challenging for me as I don’t wear any jewellery except of one-two rings. Whatever jewellery I own are mostly gifts from friends and relatives, associated with an important time of my life, birthdays, celebrations, marriage and birth. The process of discovering my relation with jewellery and how they relate to feminine beauty, led me to create “Silent fingers”.

I asked women that I knew in London, all non-professional models, to pose for me displaying their jewellery when in reality they wore none.  During the photo shooting we discussed their relation to jewellery, whether they own any, whether they bought them themselves, on what occasion, when they wear them and their favourites ones. Then I used their words to draw a ring on a paper.

The work “Silent fingers” is consisted by 10 photos and one drawing.


Exhibition:  Suicide Blonde

4–10 May 2017, Art Gallery of the Franco-Hellenic Association, Athens, Greece

Curators Athena Stamatis and Eleftheria Stamatis



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