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Eye Test 

Visibility Project 2007

Group project, performance and sound/video artwork


Visibility was a project initiated by the artist Maria Paschalidou. A group of 10 artists prepared an artwork based on the theme of visibility specifically related to the neighborhood of Attiki Square in Athens. This area is overpopulated with many refugees from many different countries that bring to the area a unique mixture of cultures and customs. Each one of the artists prepared an artwork to be included in a DVD. In this area there is a street market that takes place every Saturday morning and there we set up a bench with the dvd’s on Saturday 29/09/2007. The performance event that took place that day was an exchange, we gave a dvd and in return they gave us anything they wanted vegetables, newspapers, small gifts, books, toys, bricks, tickets, light bulbs, flowers, paintings and drawings, e.t.c there is a full list of the items collected in the site

When the market finished we moved the full bench to a gallery space and we exhibited the bench, the artworks and the performance documentation presented on screens.

I participated in this project with the piece Eye Test. It is a sound and video work, a friend Rania Hesham is reading in Arabic language a text I wrote, the image of the video is a white blank screen. The text is about vision and the wish of a child to wear glasses although she could see well.


Curator, concept, project coordination: Maria Paschalidou

Performance in Attiki Square street market 29/09/2007. Exhibition at Cheap art gallery, Athens 29/09 -1/10/ 2007


Reading: Rania Hassan

Arabic translation: Hesham Hassan

English translation: Eleftheria Tsitsa

Sound engineering: Nikos Gogos

Video editing: Lea Petrou




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