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my Athens 2012

A participatory art project by ΜουSου*


The project “my Athens” is elaborating the coexistence of several social groups currently living or visiting the city of Athens and is realized with their contribution. The participants are invited to respond to the question “if your Athens was colour, shape, line, word, how and what would it be?” and to illustrate their ideas on the half of a specifically designed postcard. The illustration could be anything that the participants want: a selected colour, a line, a depicted memory or experience of the city as well as some written text or short story.

The other half of the postcard is completed by some other participant, for example a student/tourist/immigrant or a visitor of the exhibition.


The MoυSoυ team met the participants at archeological sites, elementary school classes, El. Venizelos airport, central locations of Athens and friends’ houses. At the same time some of the cards were posted to the participants, while the visitors of Technohoros art gallery could also take part, illustrating their ideas on the cards during the exhibition.


The project aims to create a common ground for dialogue among different social groups, in relation to their age group and their experience of the city as residents or visitors.


The MoυSoυ team is Maria Nymfiadi and Lea Petrou, both visual artists planning and organizing participatory art projects often related to the educational process.

For more information, images of the process and completed post cards

Please visit the website


"my Athens" was exhibited  at Technohoros art gallery, Athens from 13.06.12 till 28.07.12.


* Moυ, Soυ in Greek language are personal/possessive pronouns 1st and 2nd person singular, translated Moυ is me/my, Soυ is you/your


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