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Q&A/Gifts 2011

Participatory project


The project Agora/smenos was a process based project with meetings and discussions. The name of project Agoras/menos has two meanings the ferocity of the art market and the relation of the artist with the art market when he is part of it and sells artwork.


Questions and answers is the result of a questionnaire that was posed to the participant artists of the exhibition to reply questions about their relation with the art market. The results of the questionnaire became numbers that were presented in relation to the concept of the gift. The photographs were images from gifts that I have received since 1980. Next to the photos I wrote on the wall a note about a percentage that came out of the questionnaire. At the same time the participation of the visitors was requested, they were asked also to reply to a questionnaire about their relation to the art market and how they understand the relation of the artist and the art market.


Agoras/menos exhibition 1-20 April 2011

Venue: Gallery Cheap Art, Athens, Greece

Curators: Gelly Grindaki and Dimitris Halatsis


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