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Carving sweet dreams 2011

Site specific installation


Carving sweet dreams is a process based artwork. The artists participating in the exhibition collaborated to set up the show. At some stage in the process the title “Carving sweet dreams” came as a possible exhibition title, we rejected it later but while we were discussing about it, I carved the title on a wall to see how it feels to scratch words on the wall as the prisoners of the basement in Korai str. did.  The final artwork has two components, a video documenting myself scratching the name of Konst/nos Papazachariou 30-07-44 a prisoner who left this mark on the wall inside the prison. The remaining sand from my scratching was positioned underneath of the initial scratching of the wall inside the prison.



Greek island* exhibition 27/04-16/07/2011

Ethniki Insurance Mansion, Site of Historical Memory 1941-1944, Athens

Curated by the group of artists participating in the show


*code name of the secret bunker built to shelter the United States Congress members




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