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One or several icebergs 2007

A slide show of 19 images in English and Greek language

Duration: 14min


The expression "you only see the tip of the iceberg", generally is applied to a problem or difficulty, meaning that the visible trouble is only a small manifestation of a larger problem.

There are many shapes and sizes of icebergs, usually we see only 1/8 from the entire iceberg above the sea level.

Because of its shape and position between the visible and non visible part it is used as a comparison and analogy indication in diagrams and drawings for different kind of problems, sociological, psychological, and medical.

Above the surface of the water stand the symptoms, results and observations and below the unseen causes and factors.


The work in Trauma queen show is a collection of such diagrams and drawings of different problems. All the drawings and photos were recreated digitally specifically for the concept of the exhibition “Trauma Queen” the text on the slides is some cases is based on found material and some created based on actual personal observations.

The exhibitions space was an abandoned hotel, three storeys building of eclectic style with art deco elements located in the centre of Athens. At that stage the in between walls between the rooms were demolished. The group of artists participating collaboratively prepared the space for the show and occupied the space with discussions and live performances.


Exhibition: Trauma Queen

Venue: Mediterranean Hotel, Athens, Greece

Curators: Harris Kondosphyris and Zoi Pappa

Guest curator: Christian Rupp


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