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The Gift 2003

Installation: Slides projection, text printed on paper and booklet


The “gift” installation is consisted of 70 slides and a 4 pages booklet. The slides were given to me as a gift from an artist Tomislav Brajnovic in London just before my return to Athens for an exhibition. He found them in a trash can and he thought they would be useful.

They represent the holiday trip of a couple in Greece. The slides are mostly taken in archaeological sites all over Greece. The text that is part of the artwork is about the gift- the slides and their itinerary starting from Athens throughout Greece, England to return in Athens once again.


Exhibition: Group Exhibition, “7 Awards of Spyropoulos Foundation” 4-20 November 2003 

Venue: Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens “Melina Merkouri”

Curator: Olga Daniylopoulou



photos Paulos Simeon


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